Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Todays Photoshoot at Chelsea School Of Art

At the moment, my whole life seems to be dominated by NYC Band "Stalkers" and their visit to London which will take place in April. the whole project started when their manager Dave Allen, was over here on a visit last November, and he and myself got ridiculously pissed in the Members Room at Tate Modern Gallery where i work.

At this point, no-one in The UK, other than me, knew who "Stalkers" were from a hole in the ground, so theri visit to The UK, would have largely involved them playing such quality venues as "The Pleausure Unit" in Bethnal Green and "The Good Ship" in Kilburn, ie places where any half decent band could get a gig.

However, since that spanner-mission in November, the "Stalkers" Machine has gone into fucking overdrive. I will not name drop the people and organisations I have met recently over this, partially as I cant be arsed, and partially because I am unsure about what I am allowed to openly talk about, but from the looks of things, they are about to become fucking huge.

So, this brings me back to what I was doing today. One of my closest freinds is a guy called Adam who runs an Arts Collective/Entertainments Organiser called TURBOBRUT, and it is at his TURBOFEST (amongst other dates in an extremely heavilly scheduled visit) in April that "Stalkers" are playing. The other week , he showed me a picture he had drawn, just after I had mentioned "Stalkers" for the first time to him. It featured a woman looking scared, hiding round a corner, whilst 5 shadowy figures lurked menacingly behind. The woman looked like me, and the picture made me laugh, so I decided to re-create it for the TURBOFEST Flyers.

So I found myself today, outside Chelsea School Of Art, wearing a fetching collection of PVC and lace, (BUT NOT IN A GOTH WAY)being photgraphed whilst "hiding" from Adam and Warren BRUT and assorted Art Students, drafted in for the photo.

It looked pretty good, and I daresay if you have a Myspace Account, or live in the East London Area, you will see it very very soon. As for me though, I feel tired, very very tired, so I think I shall sign off to sleep. I guess you will hear from me soon though.

Fifi x

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