Monday, 12 March 2007

Welcome to Garbled Noise

Welcome to what I hope will develop into an eclectic mash-up of good writing, art and photography from a wide range of different contributors. This will be an open access blog for registered contributors to post their work as little or as often as they like. Every six months the best of the blog content, plus new specially commissioned material will be published in the Garbled Noise journal. This will be available to buy online and hopefully from a number of outlets locally.

We're looking for different viewpoints, high culture, low culture and everything else in between. You can be as pretentious or as populist as you like.

You'll need a blogger account to be able to contribute and your first post should be a brief introduction. If you've got your own corner of the web somewhere do link to it and tell your friends and online contacts all about your contributions on here. The idea is that collectively we can build up a decent sized readership and showcase some emerging talent. We are aiming for eclecticism and variety.

So if you think you can contribute in any of the following areas then please get in touch :

*Cultural commentary
* Gig Reviews
* Poetry
* Short Stories / Novel excerpts

1 comment:

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